Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tiny Tap Lets You Turn Moments into Games


The new free Tiny Tap app makes it possible for anyone to create interactive children's books using their own photos and voice. It is a great ways to create personalized books to teach children about almost anything.


Creating stories with the app is quite easy and straightforward. You start by adding photos to your story. You will then be asked to record your questions. For each question, you simply trace the part of the photo with the answer.


You can then set the responses for the correct and incorrect answers. In the sample book I created from the farm picture, one question asked "Where is the pig". If the child touches the pig they are congratulated for their answer. If they touch another part of the screen, they are asked to try again. You can also add from a selection of music to add to your story.

After you have created your story, it is added to your list of stories and can also be shard via email, Facebook or iTunes. There is also a store where you can purchase or play stories which have been professionally created.



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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Snapseed Photo Editing app is free until September 23

     Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app and it is free until September 23. I paid $4 for this app just last week. Using your finger, you can create amazing effects in seconds. If you don't have it already, get it now while it is free. 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Digital Storytelling Apps

I have created a Google Presentation with a long list of excellent apps to help you create various types of digital stories. Please feel free to add your own ideas to the presentation, copy it and use it on your own website or share it with others. All I ask is that you not remove my name and link to my blog from the presentation. 

Link to original:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eleven great apps for young learners

    With so many learning apps available for children, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all of them. I have downloaded many apps and found that there are a few great apps and a lot of not really bad ones. 

     Many apps are available for free which is useful to trial them, but I have been really disappointed by the large numbers of apps targeted to children which include ads, in app purchases and requests for personal information. If you find an app for young learners which you like, I would suggest getting the full version so that you are your child is not exposed to these distractions. I would stay away form apps which continue to bombard your child by in app purchase requests or ones which ask them to enter personal information or which link them to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. No ethical developer of educational apps for children should be trying to make money this way. 

     Here are a few good apps which I have found which I would recommend getting. I have downloaded them onto the iPads for our primary students. These apps target preschool and kindergarden children but could also be useful for children with developmental delays or special needs. 


I Write Words 

     This is, hands down, one of the best apps to introduce children to writing and phonics. The app makes it easy and fun for children to trace letters and numbers and provides them with positive feedback. As children spell words, they see a picture and have the word read to them. 


Pre-K Letters and Numbers 

     Here is another great app to introduce children to writing and phonics. This app also includes the ability to add the names of different children and get feedback on how they are doing. 


Pocket Phonics

     This app is great for teaching children how to write letters and recognize sounds. They can lean to spell basic words by practicing hearing how letters are pronounced. 


Bob Books

    The Bob Books series have been popular with parents and teachers for a long time to help children learn to read. The apps combine story telling with an introduction to phonics and spelling. 


Math (numeracy)

Tally Tots 

     This is a fun app to teach counting. It includes interactive activities to keep children engaged. 


Park Math 

    Park App is a fun game to learn math from Duck Duck Moose, an app developer which has several great kids apps. Children learn basic math skills from cute characters in the park. 


Motion Math Zoom 


     This app uses cute number lines to help students order numbers. It can be used with young learners for basic numbers as well as with older students to learn decimals. 

I Learn with Poko: Additions

     I learn with Poko includes a few different apps based around the popular cartoon character. Children who enjoy the cartoon will especially love using this app to  learn basic math skills.



Beep Beep 

     This free app by Corel is an intuitive and fun app which all young children will enjoy. Children do not know how to read at all to be able to successfully navigate their way through using this app. The best part is that it is completely free. 


Drawing Pad 

      Drawing pad is one of the best apps available for children, young and old, to express themselves creatively through art. The virtual art drawer includes everything needed to create works art which can easily be shared. 


Paint my Wings

     Toca Boca makes several cute educational apps which children seem to love. If you like this app, be sure to check out the other apps that are available. 


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BookTrack gives books a soundtrack

     BookTrack is a new technology which lets you experience books in a whole new way. By adding sound effects, musical score  and ambient audio, readers are immersed in the sounds of the story, adding a whole new layer to the reading experience. 

     As you read, a pointer on the side of the page moves. By double clicking on a word, you can ensure that the soundtrack is matched to the storyline as you read at your own pace. 

     There are currently a few books on the App Store for iOS devices which you can download and experience, with more books to be released soon. 


Sherlock Holmes (free)
The Selfish Giant (free)
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (free)
The Ugly Duckling (free)

The Power of six ($12.99)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Huge list of apps for the elementary school classroom

     I am currently in the process of getting ready to roll out iPads for our students and put together a long list of paid and free apps which can be used in the classroom. Please feel free to add other apps you have used which you think should be on the list. 

You can view the original document here 

iPad Apps for the Elementary School Classroom

Paid Apps

CO: Consumption focus
CR: Creation focus
Tool: Class Management focused app
App Name
Cost (USD)
Pages$9.99Word Processing from Apple.CR
KeynotePresentation software from Apple.CR
NumbersSpreadsheet software from AppleCR
iMovie$4.99Create movies from your photos and videos.CR
Garageband$4.99Play instruments and compose songs.CR/ CO
Writepad$9.99Translates written text on iPad into typed text. CR
World Atlas HD (National Geographic)$1.99Puts maps in the palm of your hand.CO
Soundnote$4.99Take notes by typing, recording audio and drawing sketches.CR
Saving Seeds HD$0.99A physics game for children.CO
Drawing Pad$1.99A mobile art studio for children.CR
Art Rage $6.99Lets you create sophisticated paintings.CR
3D Sketch$0.993D drawing for kidsCR
Animation HD $1.99Create your own animations.CR
Toontastic$1.99Create interactive stories while learning the key elements of a story.CR
McGraw-Hill Math Apps (see other titles)$1.99 each)Math practice CO
Mathboard$4.99Interactive chalk board for solving Math problems.CR apps (see other titles)$1.99 eachMath and phonics practiceCO
Kids Calc$0.99Interactive calculator game for young learners learning single digit addition.tool
Kids Calculator$0.99Calculator for kidstool
Falling Stars$0.99 (free)A beautiful way for kids to create music.CR
Splashtop Whiteboard $9.99Turns your computer into an interactive whiteboard and allows you to control computer using iPad.tool
Popplet $4.99Mind mapping CR
Era of Dino  HD$0.99Interactive app to learn about dinosaurs.CO
GeoWalk$0.993D World FactbookCO
NxtApp and Nxtapp for kids$1.99 eachMath PracticeCO
kids books unlimited$0.99Collection of 24 children’s booksCO
Dr. Seuss books (see other titles)different pricesVarious interactive books with Dr. Seuss titlesCO
Star Walk $4.99Augmented reality app to learn about stars.CO
Teachme apps (different grades)$0.99Practice key skills in kindergarden and grade 1.CO
Ace Math Games HD$1.99Math practiceCO
Print central for ipad$8.99Enables you to print to any printer from the iPad via a computer.tool
Math Bingo$0.99Math practiceCO
ABC alphabet phonics $1.99introduction to phonics CO
Rocket Math$0.99Math practice while building your own rockets to shoot to the stars. CO

Sentence Builder


Teaches children how to build gramatically correct sentences.

Kid Art $0.99Kids can draw, stamp and save their art to share.CR
Math Magic$0.99Math practiceCO
Speech with Milo (see other titles)$2.99 eachInteractive story book to develop language skills.CO/ CR
Clicky Sticky Trains$1.99Animated Sticker bookCR
My Story - story creator for kids$1.99Create and share stories by combining drawing, writing and recording.CR
Learn to read - four letter words by little reader$0.99Introduction to reading.CO
A life Cycle App$0.99Teaches children life cycles.CO
Question Builder $3.99Designed to help elementary aged children learn to answer abstract questions based on inference.CR
How Rocket Learned to Read$4.99Picture book designed to teach children to read.CO
Britanica Kids apps (see other titles)$4.99 eachEach app focuses on teaching children about a specific content area.CO
Sketchbook Pro $4.99Sophisticated drawing app CR
Scene Speak$9.99Create visual scene displays.CR
Bob Books (see other titles)$1.99Books to help children learn to read.CO
I learn with Poko (see other titles)$2.99 eachTeaches various topics using Poko, the well known children’s character.CO
Writer’s Hat$0.99Ideas generator to inspire creative writing, oral literacy and imaginative thinking.CO/ CR
Math Girl addition house$1.99Math practiceCO
Robot Tycoon App$4.99Teaches children business topicsCO
Doodle Fit App$0.99Shapes and spatial awareness gameCO/ CR
Playtime Theater app$2.99Create, record and playback puppet showsCR
Animation Studio$0.99Create your own animated moviesCR
Strip Designer$2.99Create your own personal comic strips.CR
Touch Physics$1.99Teaches children about physics as they draw shapes which come to life.CR
Jelly Car 3$0.99Driving Platform puzzle gameCR/ CO
Word Wizard $2.99Uses text-to-speech to teach children word building and spelling. CO
Alphabet Fun $3.99Preschool skills CO
Fish School HD $1.99Preschool skillsCO
Word Bingo$0.99Learn words through BINGO games.CO
Stack the countries$1.99Ineractive app  to learn countries.CO
Math Drills$1.99Basic math skills practice.CO
Jack and the Beanstalk by Mindshapes$2.99Interactive storybook. CO
Ultimate Sharks (Discovery)$4.99Non-fiction interactive book about sharks. CO
The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore$4.99Interactive book which blurs the lines between a book and a movie. CO
Harold and the Purple Crayon$6.99Interactive storybook. CO
Princess Dress up: My sticker book (Disney)$3.99A sticker book which caters to girls. CO
The Berenstain Bear’s bedtime battle (see other titles)$2.99Interactive children’s book. CO
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue$3.99Interactive storybook.CO
Roxie’s Doors$2.99Storybook for children. CO
Miss Spider’s bedtime story (see other titles)$4.99Interactive storybooks. CO
My Word Wall$0.99Helps children develop early reading skills. CO
Mr. Hippo’s Math Adventure$1.99Math Practice.CO
Comic Life $7.99Photo comic creation software.CR
123 Kids Write $0.99Preschool skillsCO
ABC Writing$0.99Teaches children how to write the alphabetCR/ CO
Web Albums for ipad 2.99Picasa photo viewerCO

Cram - Flashcards and multiple Choice Study School

3.99Helps students study for tests byb turning study materials into mutiple choice practice tests and digital flashcards. CO/ CR
GoDocs for Ipad$4.99App to help you better use Google Docs on your iPad. CO/ CR
Brushes for ipad$7.99Art anywhereCR
Weather Doodle $0.99Artistic looking weather app. tool
Pocket Zoo $1.99Live animal camsCO
Animation Desk$4.99Lets anyone be an animator. CR

Free Apps

App Name
VideoliciousHelps you easily create short movies using different styles. CR
PS Express (Photo Shop)Photo Editor. CR
Google TranslateUses voice to text to translate to multile languages. tool
iTranslateSimilar to Google Translate. tool
VimeoWatch Vimeo videos on your device. CO
BumpAn easy way to share files from one device to another. tool
AudiobooksListen to over 3,000 audiobooks for free. CO
EvernoteThe ultimate notetaking app CR
Evernote Peek Uses the smart cover to help students study for quizzes. CO
Doodle BuddyPaint, draw, scribble, sketchCR
BrainpopA new Brainpop video is available each day to help students learn something new.CO
EdmodoHelps teachers and students to stay connected and share information. tool
Puppet Pals HDCreate your own unique shows with animation and audio. CR
BeatwaveCreate amazing beats and music without any musical ability. CR
Pluto MusicPlay songs and learn music. CO/ CR
ShowMeInteractive whiteboard. tool
Google Earth Interactive world map. CO
Kids World MapInteractive world map for kids. CO
ChicktionaryFun game to learn spelling CO
National Geographic Kids Free sample with paid subsriptions available. CO
Touchybooks kids Interactive books for kids. CO
Meegenius kids booksA library of kids books. CO
Casey and Bella books for kidsInteractive storybook. CO
Read me storiesChildren’s books. CO
Car Creator HDCreate and drive your own wackiest car.CR
NASA Visualization ExplorerStories about NASA research.CO
Read Me Stories - Children’s booksCollection of talking children’s books.CO
Phone for KidsAll in one activity children for children.CO
Science 360Science images and video.CO
Tangram XL Game to learn about geometric concepts.CO
Mad LibsCreate stories by filling in the blanks.CR
Living Language - french for ipad Start learning French.CO
Millie was here, book 1: meet millieStorybook for kids.CO
kobo 1 million free booksProvides access to lots of free books. CO
Marvel comicsRead about super heroes. CO
The little Engine that could HDChildren’s story. CO
Toy Story Read Along (see other titles)Children’s story. CO
ireading HD - world classic fairy tales (see others as well)Stories for kids. CO
Disney Comics Famous Disney characters in comic books.CO
American McGee presents Akaniero: A red riding Hood TaleInteractive dark fairytale. CO
Sleeping Beauty: Interactive book by iBigToyInteractive book. CO
ScreenChomp (Tech Smith)Whiteboard to help kids with their homework.CR
Word LensUse the camera to translate words from one language to another. tool
Discover (links to wikipedia)Wikipedia in a magazineCO
History-Maps of the worldCollection of historical mapsCO

Bing (Microsoft)Voice enabled searchCO
dictionary.comFree dictionary tool
Merriam Webster DictionaryAnother free dictionary tool
QwikiA search engine that speaks the results.CO
KidsWorldMap A world map for kidsCO
LeafsnapElectronic field guide to identify leaves.


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